Final Fantasy XVI’s Next Trailer Is Already Complete And Coming Soon


The newest trailer for Final Fantasy XVI is complete and should be released soon, according to producer Naoki Yoshida.

In a live stream regarding Nier Reincarnation’s crossover event with Final Fantasy XIV, Nier series producer Yosuke Saito remarked that spring is coming to a close, referencing his statement from last December that more information about Final Fantasy XVI would be released during this time.

“The trailer is already complete. But it was delayed for various reasons. I think it’ll come out soon,” Yoshida said. The producer then assured fans that while it might have taken longer than anticipated, Final Fantasy XVI is coming soon. He also mentioned that the development team is currently playing through the game, polishing, debugging, and optimizing it.

Yoshida continued, saying, “I think we’re going to take a little longer there. It’s already come together considerably. I feel like we should spend a little more time in that area.”

Late last month, Yoshida gave an interview with Uniqlo magazine about Final Fantasy XVI and said that it was entering the final stages of development. The game isn’t completely done just yet, but development is going along smoothly and it’s “greatly taking shape.”

How soon the new trailer will drop is currently unknown. Next month is June, which is now when companies make big announcements and schedule showcases in place of where E3 used to be. This includes Summer Game Fest 2022, which is set to air on June 9.

However, Yoshida previously committed to a spring update, so the trailer could possibly come earlier in something like a State of Play presentation, as Final Fantasy XVI is a timed exclusive on PlayStation 5.