Genshin Impact For Nintendo Switch Is “Still In Development,” Dev Says


The popular game Genshin Impact was announced for the Nintendo Switch in 2020, but fans haven’t heard much about it since then. So what’s going on? The game still doesn’t have a release date for Nintendo’s hybrid console, but developer miHoYo has stressed that the game is not canceled.

“The Switch version is still in development, and we will release more information as we progress further along,” the studio told GoNintendo.

That’s all the studio had to say on the matter. There continues to be no release date or release window for Genshin Impact on Nintendo Switch.

Genshin Impact is available for iOS and Android, as well as PS4 and PS5. The game has not been announced for Xbox, which is the only one of the “big three” to be missing.

In other recent news, Genshin Impact’s 2.7 update has been indefinitely delayed, and developer miHoYo is handing out lots of free DLC to help make up for it.

There’s still plenty to do in Genshin Impact right now, and if you’re looking for some guides, you can check out our features on the Chasm World Millennial Mountains quest, the Ruin Serpent boss guide, and the Chasm Delvers quest.