Punch Out emulator: Stand up arcade games review


Do you remember Punch-Out? No, not that lame excuse for a game that Nintendo put out on the NES. That was Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out. I’m referring to the stand up arcade game published by Nintendo in late 1983.

Thanks to the Raspberry Pi with Retropie software, I am able to play the original classic again through a Punch Out emulator.

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Boy did I sink many ‘o quarters in those machines back in the day. And I don’t regret a minute of it. The original Punch-Out is my favorite stand up arcade games of all-time! I’m serious.

If you were around back in the 80’s, you would recognize the game by hearing “Body blow!” The premise was straightforward. You play an up and coming boxer named Little Mac who fight a series of boxers in a quest for the title. As you face each opponent, the challenge becomes increasingly more difficult.

Punch-Out Opponents

  1. Glass Joe: He mother should have named him Glass Stomach. Keep punching him in the gut until he drops like a wet blanket.
  2. Piston Hurricane: His fighting style is very similar to Glass Joe. Hit him in the stomach but prepare to dodge a little more.
  3. Bald Bull: He’s probably my favorite opponent of them all. His skill level is head and shoulders above the previous two opponents and you’ll need to mix your punching up a bit to defeat him. You also need to remember the 5 D’s of Dodgeball: Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge. Just kidding but seriously, he’s a tough one to beat.
  4. Kid Quick: As the name would suggest, he’s very fast with his punches. Be prepared to dodge left and right a lot!
  5. Pizza Pasta: Pizza is a tough customer. He combines strength and speed. He’ll be tough to beat but after a few tries, you’ll figure out his patterns.
  6. Mr. Sandman: He’s the champ for a reason. Back in the day, it seemed like an eternity before I was able to beat him. He has mad skills for sure.

Once you put Mr. Sandman down and become the champ, you have to start all over again. However, now your opponents are far more challenging. You can still put Glass Joe and Piston Hurricane down with relative ease but they are no slouches this time around.

Punch-Out Controls

Luckily, controlling the game is pretty straightforward too. I recently built my own arcade joystick for Raspberry Pi.

  1. Right Button: punch with the right hand
  2. Left Button: punch with the left hand
  3. Joystick Up: Moves hands to the up position
  4. Joystick Down: Moves hands to the lower position
  5. Combine joystick up or down with the right and left punches to aim your blows.

Recently, I was fortunate enough to play Punch-Out for the first time in over a decade. I was surprised at how much of the game I retained. I was able to get to Kid Quick before losing for the first time. And just like the old days, I was ready to go again immediately after.

Sure the graphics are dated compared to the new generation games and the controls are basic but you can’t beat the fun had by all who play an awesome stand-up arcade game like Punch-Out.

Some things never change and I’m glad that found this Punch Out emulator. It’s still a classic and I feel like I’m 12 years old again!  A++++++++